Multi-Lube, LLC Since 1980

How We Got Started

In 1980, Terry Brooks was a young and industrious entrepreneur. He had been raised on a farm milking cows and row cropping. He had a logging operation when he first began tinkering with these products. He immediately saw the benefit of the products as he began to save on fuel, lube costs, and breakdowns. After a couple more years, he sold out his logging business and began the company that is known today as Multi-Lube,LLC.

Through the years, he continued to develop and improve the products. Today, we carry Anti-Friction Metal Conditioner, Diesel Fuel Conditioner, Ethanol Stabilizing Gas Conditioner, Octane Boosting Conventional Gas Conditioner, and Cotton Picker Spindle Cleaner.

Terry's family is continuing to carry on his legacy and provide Multi-Lube products for today and for generations to come.