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MULTI-LUBE Diesel Fuel Conditioner


Why do you need MULTI-LUBE Diesel Fuel Conditioner?


It is a well-known fact that the diesel fuel we use today is of a poor quality.  With fuel and oil shortages part of our daily headlines, our fuel suppliers have to reach into their reserves of low quality fuel to meet the overwhelming demand for petroleum.  Though the prices of fuel and demand for the product are skyrocketing, the quality suffers for several reasons.


Diesel fuel’s poor quality has become common knowledge. Random testing of diesel fuel samples indicates that one in eight samples fail to meet refinery specifications. In addition to lowered cetane ratings, other problems have evolved from the reduction in fuel quality:

      Low lubricity

      Water in fuel


 As a result of the government’s clamp down on refineries to lower sulfur content, the lubricity of the fuel has become a problem.  Due to this the average life expectancy of today’s fuel pump has declined. 

Water contamination is another problem common in diesel fuel, particularly in the heavier fuel sold today. Water can cause rust, encourage algae growth, and damage to injection components.

Wax crystals also form easily in cold-weather operation when heavier, substandard fuel is used. The first symptoms of fuel waxing and gelling are white smoke and misfiring due to improper atomization. As waxing increases, the fuel flow becomes more and more restricted until the engine stops entirely.

What MULTI-LUBE Diesel Fuel Conditioner Will Do For You

MULTI-LUBE Diesel Fuel Conditioner is a highly effective and advanced formulation designed to solve the specific fuel problems that diesel engines are now en­countering. This unique product is compounded to be compatible with all types and grades of fuel and will significantly improve the quality of your fuel.

The specific benefits of MULTI-LUBE Diesel Fuel Conditioner:

  •  PROVIDES extra non-sulfur lubrication to today’s ultra-low sulfur fuel.
  • IMPROVES fuel stability.

  • INCREASES Cetane Rating of normal diesel fuel two to three numbers.

  • IMPROVES combustion efficiency and prevented loss of fuel economies.

  • REDUCES engine combustion noise.

  • REDUCES black smoke emissions.

  • IMPROVES cold start performance.

  • NEUTRALIZES dangerous acids that cause rust and corrosion in tanks and fuel systems.

  • ATOMIZER helps improve combustion by making fuel burn uniformly, retarding smoke and carbon.

  • DETERGENT cleans injectors, pumps and fuel lines.

  • LUBRICATES the fuel pump and injector system.

  • ANTI-CONGEALANT helps combat fuel waxing and gelling.

  • LOWERS vehicle down time.

  • COUNTERACTS declining diesel fuel quality.

  • EXTENDED fuel filter life


 Add Multi-Lube Diesel Fuel Conditioner to Diesel Fuel in the following proportion:

  • 1 ounce per 12 gallons of diesel fuel
  • 1 gallon per 1536 gallons of diesel fuel
  • 5 gallons per 7680 gallons of diesel fuel

 For best results, always add recommended amount of Multi-Lube Diesel Fuel Conditioner to tank PRIOR to filling tank with diesel fuel.

We guarantee our product to meet our published specifications.  Since its use is beyond our control, we disclaim responsibility for use, storage, handling, and results obtained from the use of this product.