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MULTI-LUBE Metal Conditioner

 Why do you need MULTI-LUBE Metal Conditioner?

 Today’s complex machinery places high demands upon lubricants.  In addition to lubrication, these products must combat wear, heat and contamination.  Friction generates heat and subsequent wear on metal surfaces when insufficiently lubricated.  Heat can also cause lubricants to oxidize, further reducing wear protection.

 Engine oil can become contaminated by the oxidation of the oil and by contaminants from the unburned portion of the fuel.  Dust, moisture, iron oxides (caused by engine wear), lead oxides and salts foul engine oil as well, causing “sludge” to develop, or a varnish-like coating on engine parts that inhibits the performance of the engine over time.  More fuel is required to operate the engine and power loss is inevitable.

 When engine oil loses its lubricity or becomes highly contaminated, it not only ceases to reduce friction, but can harm the engine.  Engine parts can become damaged, or the engine can “seize” and become inoperable.

 What MULTI-LUBE Metal Conditioner Will Do For You

 MULTI-LUBE Metal Conditioner is a technological advancement that provides new and used oil with additional cleaning and friction reducing chemical compounds to increase protection of the engine and related metal parts.  This will help to avoid engine mechanical problems and costly repairs.

The specific benefits of MULTI-LUBE Metal Conditioner:

  • CLEANS metal surfaces eliminating sludge, varnish, and other contaminants
  • POLISHES metal surfaces by sealing microscopic openings in the pores preventing uneven wear

  • PENETRATES metal surfaces instead coating them preventing tolerance concerns and harmful buildup

  • REDUCES friction, heat and wear

  • PERFORMANCE increases as friction is decreased

  • REDUCES WEAR meaning lower repairs costs and down time

  • INCREASES HORSEPOWER AND MILEAGE due to less drag and friction

  • ELIMINATES dry starts

How to Use MULTI-LUBE Metal Conditioner

 MULTI-LUBE Metal Conditioner functions well wherever lubricants are used to reduce friction and wear.  Always follow manufacturer’s recommendations for oil and oil change intervals.  Use regular amount of oil and add Metal Conditioner on top. 

MULTI-LUBE Metal Conditioner: Anti-Friction Lubricant Additive - works in the synthetic and petroleum oils and greases of your choice. 

Suggested Usage



4 to 6 qts. system use 1/2 oz. per qt.

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION: 8 oz. treats for 25,000 miles or 1 year.

MAINTENANCE: 1/2 oz. per qt. treats same as above 6,000 miles or 1 year

TWO CYCLE ENGINES: 1 oz. to 6 gallons of PRE·MIXED fuel works well in all two-cycle engines, outboards, and chainsaws. (Try 1 oz./gal. bar oil)

LAWNMOWERS, TILLERS, AND OTHER SMALL FOUR CYCLE ENGINES: 1 oz./qt. of motor oil will improve performance and extend the life of your equipment.


FARM TRACTORS, IRRlGATION UNITS· 1/2 oz. per qt. DIESEL TRUCKS· 1/2 oz. per qt. treats 12,500 mi. or 1 year TRANSMISSION and HYDRAULICS 1 oz. per qt. treats for 600 hrs., 25,000 miles , or 1 year

GREASE: 1 oz. per pound

HELPFUL HINTS: Change oil as you normally do. Always put the regular amount of oil required for your engine, and then add the Metal Conditioner.

Multi-Lube Metal Conditioner will not void any manufacture warranties or repairs mechanical problems. Follow manufacturers’ for oil change intervals. Since use of this product is beyond our control, we disclaim responsibility for use, storage, handling and result obtained.

Multi-Lube Metal Conditioner Pints: Anti-Friction Lubricant Additive - works in the synthetic and petroleum oils and greases of your choice.