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Gas Conditioner - gallon(s)



Ethanol Stabilizing Gas Conditioner


Add Multi-Lube Gas Conditioner to gasoline in the following proportion:

1 ounce per 10 gallons of gas

1 gallon per 1280 gallons of gas

5 gallons per 6400 gallons of gas

For small engines (outboard, mower, ATV, etc.) initially use 2 oz. per 3 gals. of gas. 

Maintenance - 2oz. per 5 gals. gas

For best results, always add recommended amount of Multi-Lube Gas Conditioner to tank PRIOR to filling tank with gasoline.


We guarantee our product to meet our published specifications.  Since its use is beyond our control, we disclaim responsibility for use, storage, handling, and results obtained from the use of this product.